Fun Run: Tips and Tricks to Get to the Next Level

12 Jan


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Fun Run is an online multiplayer race to the finish line. The cute aspects of the game wears off when you collect perks to attack your opponents, protect yourselves from opponent’s attacks, or set traps. There is likely blood involved.

Although it seems like a simple concept, there are different strategies that work for other people.

Why would you want to be the best? Well, if you’re competitive in nature, your record depends on it. Also, your rank at the end of the game determines the number of coins you will collect.

1.Start off Strong!

Getting the lead early on is very important.

Trailing behind will give you more obstacles to overcome as opponents will leave behind traps and toss spinning saws to slow you down. At the start of the race, you are equipped with a perk. I normally use it right away, especially if I am equipped with a shield.

2. Timing is Everything

Timing of your jumps, your use of weapons, and your shield is crucial to success. Do not fall in love with using as many perks as possible because it can backfire. Some perks are worth holding on to until the right moment.

For example, you may have a lightning strike but your opponents might have shields on. Wait for the shield to wear off and then strike!

3. Learn the Maps

There are a total of 12 maps and although their icon image does not provide much information, you can become familiar with the environments through experience.

There are two distinct environments, which I call ‘nature’ and ‘candyland’. Nature environments tends to have massive rocks, tall walls to climb, and hills. Candyland consists of different types of grounds which I will explain in the next point and high clouds.

4. Know The Different Types of Grounds (In Candyland Maps) 

There are three types of colored grounds which either propel you forward, bounce you in the air, or slow you down. It is important to know the effect of the medium.

Red – Just like a trampoline, this will propel you in the air if you jump on it. You do not have much control in this case but the higher you jump onto the red floor, you can make up a lot of ground.

White - This is a speed booster and will propel you forward. A good trick is to set traps at the end of this if you are in the lead.

Orange – Avoid running on this medium as it will slow you down greatly. To get through it, constantly jump to come across it.

5. Beware of the Oncoming Saw

What I felt that hurt me the most early on was the saw. If you throw a saw to your opponents, there is a good chance of it coming back at you. You will need quick reflexes to predict it coming back towards you or you are history.


6. Practice Makes Perfect

I had to throw this one in there, as it is true with anything that you do. This game allows you to practice against the computer and gives you an opportunity to learn from the pooints I mentioned above. So yes, practice does makes perfect.

So get a head start or improve your winning percentage with these tips in Fun Run.

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