Ruzzle Tips and Tricks for Higher Scores ( is live)

26 Jan

Quick story. Out of sheer frustration with this game, I was ready to throw my phone across the room and step on it. One of my old high school friends simply was too good at this game. He would double my score and troll afterwards by sharing my defeating loss on Instagram. When I first played Ruzzle, I was concentrating on the quality of the words as opposed to the quantity.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

Here are some quick tips that will help you get the ball rolling.

1. Start off with basic words!

When you start the game, don’t focus right away on the longer words. Get the small words out of the way and this will give you an opportunity to absorb the various letters on the screen. The deeper you get within the two minutes, you’ll come across lengthier words.

2. Always look for the singular, plural, past tense or noun versions of a word.

If you find a singular word, quickly look for a words that expand on the initial word.

For example, if you find “GAME” look for “GAMES”, “GAMED” or “GAMER”. In the example below, I started with the word “SET”.

Image (1)

3. Focus on Letters with Value Indicators of Bonus Scores

This is a key one. At the beginning of the round, I only concentrate on letters that are marked with “double letter”, “triple letter”, “double word”, or “triple word”. Remember to always use these marked letters as much as possible for more points.

4. Guess for Potential Words

Luck is sometimes a part of the game and can actually help you learn new words. I don’t recommend doing this the entire round, but you’ll come across similar words throughout the course of this game.

It doesn’t hurt to see if the word “seer” is an actual word. Well it is and although it does not fit into my every day vocabulary, I will remember it for future rounds against my opponents as I seer off in the distance.

5. Improve your hand speed. 

Every second counts and being able to quickly adjust to complex paths will be able to increase the quantity of words you collect. Keep your hand moving rather than staring at the screen to see if words connect. It’s all a trial and error as mentioned above and keep your train of thought for potential letter combinations.

6. Avoid distractions

This was costly in some games, so ensure you’re in an environment with no distractions. Remember, you only have two minutes to play your round so ignore all distractions at all costs. But warning, this may cause tension in serious relationships.

Other than that, enjoy yourself and keep PRACTICING! As I highlighted in the Fun Run Tips, practice makes perfect. And who knows, you might learn a thing or two to improve your vocabulary.


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